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Suzhou Jinlicang Electronic Housewarming Joy - Opening a New Era and Building a New Journey of Dreams

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This relocation not only creates a good working environment for employees,

 but also is a sign of the company's confidence and strength to create better performance,

 but also witnesses the company's rapid development in recent years,

 and sincerely wishes the company's business prosperity!

I hope that all employees will go to a higher level with the company.

 It greatly boosted the morale of all employees, 

and everyone was full of confidence and said that they would

 be more active and hardworking in the future work

Looking at this dynasty, we are full of ambition; May the future,

 we are full of pride. On the occasion of our housewarming,

 we sincerely thank our customers and allies who have given us strong support for a long time, 

and hope that we can make progress together, open a new era and build a new journey of dreams!

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